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Legal Summaries

Governor Kim Reynolds received permission from the federal government to repeal Iowa's law regarding suspension of driver's license without loss of federal highway funds

Iowa Code Section 901.5(10) previously revoked a defendant's driver's license for 180 days for a conviction of possession of a controlled substance under Iowa Code Sections 124.401, 124.401A, 124.402 and 124.403. Given Governor Reynolds written certification, effective July 1, 2018 Iowa Code Section 901.5(10) is repealed. Anyone whose driver's license was previously revoked pursuant to 901.5(10) can have their driver's license re-instated if said person is otherwise eligible for a driver's license.

Collins v. Virginia; U.S. Supreme Ct. 2018.

The U.S. S.Ct. overturned a State of Virginia decision and held that police cannot use the vehicle exception to perform a warrantless search of a person's car located at said person's home within the curtilage (curtilage is the area immediately surrounding your house like the yard, garage, and driveway.). A car parked on the street in front of your house would probably be outside the curtilage and not have the same protection. So, a car parked within the curtilage has the same protection against a warrantless search as your home.

US v. McLemore and Rode; 8th Circuit, 2017.

Officer following a vehicle that displays a proper form of temporary registration may not stop said vehicle because the officer cannot read the dealer registration number and the card's expiration date from inside the following police cruiser.


Terry v. Ohio U.S. S.Ct (1968). An officer may detain a person without reasonable suspicion of that particular person if there is a reasonable suspicion generally of criminal activity occurring in the vicinity. And, for officer safety the officer may perform a limited pat down search of the outer clothing of the non-suspicious, detained person to check for weapons.


Iowa Code Section 901C.1(2) allows that 180 days after a criminal charge is dismissed the accused can contact the clerk of court and ask to have the charge expunged from their record. The accused will have to demonstrate that all of the charges for the case number in question (for example if you pled guilty to count 1 and count 2 was dismissed that dismissed count will not be expunged) were dismissed and that all court costs or any other costs associated with the case have been paid.

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